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All about me 

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I have a Bachelor of Commerce with MIS Hons. Degree from Quinn School of Business at UCD Dublin. After graduating I took the opportunity to go travelling where my passion for sailing led to me being offered the chance to pursue it professionally.


My sailing highlights include Class wins in The Fastnet Race, King's Cup Thailand,NZ National Sportsboat Champs, Dubois Superyacht Cup and even an unfortunate sinking in 2008 Sydney - Hobart Race (Read Here)


I spent my time sailing (mostly cruising with a few regattas thrown in) in the Mediterranian,East Coast America and the Carribean. In 2013 we sailed across the Pacific to New Zealand via The Galapagos, French Polynesia and Fiji. I was starting my Officer of the Watch modules to ultimately end up with my Captains License 


In April 2014 I suffered a C4 complete SCI diving into the water at a beach in Antigua. After being stabilised in Antigua I was medevaced to Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, where after 6 weeks in ICU and a further 11 in Rehab, I was then transferred to Musgrave Park Hospital (for another 10 weeks)  to begin the process of moving home at the end October 2014.


Along with my brother, I have been busy researching ways to keep using my various gadgets and install smart devices to make the home more accessible. I also enjoy photography and my Dad has modified my drone controller to allow me to make video's and take pictures, mostly of the stunning Antrim Coast.(See how I fly my drone)


I have created this website to share my knowledge of assistive technologies that I use in everyday life. I hope that it will make Assistive Technology more accessible to everyone and show that there is a lot that can be done with easily available products that do not cost a fortune.


Leaving Miami
Jill and Gayle keeping me distracted
Strapped into the rotating bed ICU
Christine the Physio
Transfer to the jet
ICU in Miami
Farah the Speech Therapist
Distraction on the tilt table
Sitting upright with Mum and Dad
Rehab with Gayle.
First visit home
Dad,Dougal and  myself
Dad, Terry and I watching Ulster
Kitesurfing in Corsica
State of Grace
Racing Bella P.I.T.A in the B.V.I's
We caught a Marlin coming into Tonga
Catching Tuna in Bermuda
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