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Alexa Calling 

There are a number of different ways you can use your Alexa to keep in touch.

You can even use it to ring mobiles or landlines in the UK completely for free !

Watch the video below to see the different ways you can keep in contact.

or click here to read an article explaining all about Alexa communications

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 19.28.38.png

Echo to Echo Calling

So here is an example of how I can ring my sister from my Echo dot in Northern Ireland to her Echo device in Scotland.


The call will also appear on her phone via the Alexa app so even if she is not at home she could still answer via the Alexa App on her phone. 


Messages can also be sent this way, they will show up as text in the app or will be read out by Alexa.


For more info on Alexa calling click here

Echo to Mobile Calling

In this example, I am using my Echo dot to call my Dad's Mobile


When you sign up to Amazon Alexa you can give the app permission to access your contacts. You can then call anyone simply by saying  "Alexa, call Dad" you can even say call and then dictate the number, it will then read the number back to you and if it's correct you can make the call


If your contact also has an Alexa device it will ask you do you want to ring their device or their mobile.


You can also receive calls simply by saying “Alexa, Answer “

Drop-in / Intercom

Drop In is an optional feature that helps you to instantly connect, hands free, with other Echo devices. You enable  simply by saying, "Drop in on Kitchen." 


This could be useful for an elderly person or someone who is not tech savvy as you could talk to them without them having to answer.



This is a great way to get attention if you need it when you are in bed, it has replaced an "always on" (baby) monitor I used to have. As it only listens when I ask it to it means I can watch TV without it piping into the other room


For more info on Drop-in click here .

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