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These are mainly Android based as it is what I use.
I find them to be better value for money than iPhones and the free Accessibility Suite is superb.
There are some great resources on iPhones here
If you don’t see something suitable or can think of something I've missed please
let me know.
Click the pics/headings to go to links
Google Voice Access

Google Voice access is a free app that works on any Android device, phone or tablet. It works better with newer / higher spec devices but still works well on my 4 year old Nexus 5 running Android 5.0 .


Once downloaded and activated by saying, 'Ok Google, Open voice access' 

The icons on the screen now have a specific number, you can open up  apps by using their name e.g. Open Whatsapp  or by saying their number.

Once you have opened one screen the next screen then re-populates with more numbers and you can choose again, text is easily  inputted by voice.


Full instructions are available here and it can be downloaded  direct from the Play Store.

Google Voice Assistant

Google Voice Assistant

Google Voice Assistant comes with Android phones or can be downloaded directly from the Play Store,

It can be used to access a wide variety of functions on your phone, below is a clip of me using it to place a call simply by saying, 'Ok, Google, Call home' and another video showing a range of other functions.


You can send Messages, Whatsapps, Emails, Set alarms, Search Google etc etc. Infact it gives you full functionality as you would have via the Google Home Smart Speaker

More instructions are available here

EVA Facial Mouse

EVA FACIAL MOUSE is a free and open source application developed with funding from Vodafone in Spain. It uses the webcam to track the movement of your head, it allows you to control a pointer on the screen (as a mouse) simply stop moving and it activates the dwell click  (settings can be changed in the menu)

Also available for Windows computer working in the same way via your webcam

This is a great app that works well  with a little bit of practice and it's free !

The app is available for free from the Play Store

Very comprehensive setup guide is available here or in the videos below. The original video is in Spanish but English subtitles are available in the video menu.

Sesame Enable

 Open Sesame was created to offer touch-free control for those who cannot use their hands to access a smartphone or a tablet.


If a person cannot use their hands to control a smartphone or a tablet, and has controlled movement of their head (even if limited) then Open Sesame is a perfect match.


Originally Sesame Enable came pre-loaded on a smartphone but now it has developed into an app that can be downloaded onto an Android phone or tablet from the Play Store

Some also opt-in just for the extended voice commands Open Sesame introduces, like voice answering and dismissing calls, and the option to end a conversation by a voice command.

You need a fairly new device running Android Nougat 7 or newer and you can even try out a 30 day free trial !

Logi ZeroTouch

The Logitech Zero Touch is designed to give you full hands-free access to your Android phone whilst driving. 


Being able to dictate Whatsapp messages or say who to call is invaluable to those who can not type and it even has Alexa built-in! So you can control all your Alexa enabled Smart-Home devices from your phone, either inside your home or if you have mobile data from anywhere in the world!


The only problem is you have to wave your hand in front of the camera to activate it. I will have a look around and see if there is a way around this as it's only recently that I have been able to do this myself.


The best part ? It's currently only £9.99 on Amazon !! So paired with a mount to attach to the wheelchair (I've this one) it's definitely worth a try !

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