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Echo Show

There are now a range of Echo Show devices that combine everything that is great with the Amazon Echo with a screen.

They have built in cameras to make it easy to have a video call, when you're not using the camera there is a privacy slider that you can slide across to cover the camera to give you peace of mind.

Having a screen makes it easy to view cameras you can have in the house or when combined with a video doorbell you can see who is at the door.

One of the great benefits of having an Echo Show Is that you can "Drop In" meaning that you can connect a call without it needing to be answered,


You can drop in from another Echo Show device or even your phone. This could be a great idea if you have an elderly relative living by themselves, you could drop in from your phone and see what is happening in the room without the recipient having to answer.


This could give great peace of mind as if someone is living by themselves may not remember the voice command to answer the call. With Drop in you will appear on the Echo Show screen and you can see what is going on in the room through the camera on the device.

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How to Video Call Echo Show
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