Control your T.V.

While Amazon Echo has a bunch of cool built-in features, it does not contain an infrared sender, that means you have to add a hub if you want to control things with infrared or via radio waves.


There are two main ways to do this, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


I used the Logitech  Harmony  Hub  in my living room to control the TV, sky box and to change channels.


In my bedroom, I use a different of called a broad link RM pro. It is more customisable but takes a little more work. I use it to control my bed,fan, lights and my TV.


 Firstly I will take you through the Logitech Harmony Hub

 I primarily use the Logitech Harmony Hub in the living room to control the TV.


This is great from an independence point of view as I can go into the living room myself turn on the TV and change channels, before this I was reliant on somebody to come in and work the remote control for me.


The Hub works by grouping the different steps into activities. E.g   When I use the command "Turn Sky on". The hub will turn on the TV, change the input to HDMI 1, turn on the amp and the Skybox. I can then change the channels by saying, "Turn on BBC1" or "Turn on Sky Sports News.


Setup is either done either via the app or on desktop. Check out the videos below to see the hub in action and there is also a very comprehensive how-to, setup video.



These second hub I use is the Broadlink RM Pro .


I have installed it in my bedroom and can control my profiling bed, fan heater, TV and light switches.


To see in detail how my bedroom is setup click the page below



Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 18.48.47.png


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