Ask my Buddy is a great skill (app) for the Amazon Echo that allows you to alert contacts in your own personal network just by using your voice.


Once setup is complete you can send alerts just by saying, Alexa, Ask my Buddy to send an alert to everyone or a specific contact.


In the video below it shows me sending an alert to my dad, once the alert is sent my dad gets a text message saying I have asked for the alert to be sent to him indicating that something is wrong and to check on me.


 This is a great way to add peace of mind with family members or carers.


It is also free of charge to send up to 10 alerts per month  or for a small charge you can add more alerts. 


Set up was done in two parts, firstly you create your network via their website and then you add this skill  to your Amazon Alexa . They have a very comprehensive set of setup guides here and lots of videos on their  YouTube channel.