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 Having a  C4 SCI I have very limited upper body movement and nothing from my hands, so using a mobile phone in the 'normal' way is impossible.


After checking out a few different smartwatches I found the gear S3.


It has a couple of features which I thought would be very helpful, the menus are accessed by using the rotating bezel which I can navigate using my bottom lip, there is also voice access and calls can be made through the watch.


As it turns out the voice control can be too sensitive and can pick up background noise, transcribing what is on the TV or radio but it works well when it's quiet.


The watch connects to my phone via Bluetooth. I use the inbuilt speaker for calls and my phone can stay in my bag. I can also access my texts, emails, Whatsapp messages and dictate replies to them.


Check out the video below to see how I can use my watch to make a phone call.

It also tells the time!
Quick Contacts
Rotating Bezel
Making calls
Make calls from your wrist
Voice Control
Lots of apps
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