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Click the video to see how I fly my drone

After a lot of physio and perseverance , I can now move my left arm and have regained some function. I can now fly a drone after making some modifications.

My Dad glued some ping-pong balls onto the joysticks of the controller and painted them black. Using Go-pro mounts we attached the controller to a piece of wood that slides between my table and the swing away chair controls. I can fly the drone using a combination of the modified controller and the  Dji-go app on my tablet.

The Ping-Pong Balls glued to these
Swing-away Wheelchair Controls
Tablet controlled with Glassouse

I use a GlassOuse assistive mouse to access the Dji go app . There are various smart functions built into the app such as tap-fly. When this function is activated you simply tap on the screen to go that direction, you can tap above the horizon to ascend and below the horizon to descend. Tapping to the left or right will turn that direction.


Takeoff and landing can also be accessed through the app, once you take off in the precision mode the drone will figure out exactly where it has taken off from and once you activate return to home, via the app or the controller it will come back and land pretty much exactly where it took off from! There are even obstacle avoidance sensors to stop it crashing into something!


Once all of the footage is recorded I then edit it all using iMovie on my MacBook Pro, that I control using GlassOuse , which is an assistive mouse that basically combines a mouse with glasses and a bite clicker.


Here are a few pics taken during the  practical section of my Pfco .
For more info on the course check out Drone Pilot Deploy
Redbay Castle
The Curfew Tower in Cushendall
Cushendall and the Seaa
Tallship at anchor
The White Arch
Lurig half covered in snow
Cushendall Golf Club
Cushendall Coast
Lurig Mountain
Dougal checking quality control
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