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How do  I control my Bedroom ?

Broadlink RM Pro

The second hub I use is the Broadlink RM Pro .


I have it in my bedroom and can control my profiling bed, fan heater, TV and light switches.

This hub works by learning the infrared signals from a remote control and linking them to a voice command. They have recently updated their Echo skill to make it more user friendly and stable.


Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 19.54.41.png
My Bedroom
How to set it up




Below is a great tutorial from the excellent Paul Hibbert showing how to set it all up.






One of the first pieces of Assistive Technology I had installed at my house was the Possum Primo remote.

This was sourced by my OT and installed by a specialist  company.


 I thought this device looks dated and clunky but my initial thoughts were quickly displaced when I used what turned out to be a well thought out and reliable piece of kit !


The Primo+ can control lighting, a fan, a radio, open and close a door, link into a video intercom to control who enters a property, open curtains or blinds, operate a TV or DVD player and adjust an automated bed or chair.


It was setup by a specialist who programmed the different menus and inputted the IR Codes. They are accessed by a buddy button attached to my bed and the menu is accessed with a scanning function.


This is how I can use the Broadlink RM Pro to adjust my bed with Amazon Alexa.

The bed was initially set up to be controlled via the Possum Primo (it uses Infa-Red signals to a receiver unit) .

I was then able to use the Broadlink RM Pro to learn these IR codes and link them to the voice commands.




Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 15.49.57.png

Click pic to enlarge

Possym Primo Menus.png
Possum Primo Alexa Bed Control
Buddy Button Bed Rail
Buddy button bottom of bed
Possum Primo bed menu
Possum Primo Bed Controller on wall
Possum Primo Bed Controller
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