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Straw Clips

One day after finishing a cup of coffee that was being held for me by my dad I thought there must be a better way of doing this.


A quick Google later I found these straw clips and when paired with an extendable bendy straw it meant that I could have my drink at my own pace!I I use black straws but if you feel like jazzing things up a little bit to get the colourful ones!


One thing you have to watch out for, if you're like me and have no sensation in your hands/arms make sure that your hand is well clear of any hot drinks. You don't want to end up getting a burn on your hand (speaking from experience!)


After a fair bit of scientific research, I have to call bullsh*t on the myth that you get drunker drinking through a straw, however, feel free to carry out your own research!




Extended Straw
Drinking from the coffee cup
Clip close-up
This mug works well
View from the inside
Straw Clip
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