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Just before my accident I was close to buying a drone.


Once I was starting to get a little more movement in my left  arm and could control an iPad I started to  research drones that could be controlled from a phone  or a tablet.

Droning on a bit ...

freeflight joysticks .jpg
Parrrot  Bebop 2
Virtual Joysticks

Thats when I found the Parrot Bebop 2. This is a great mid-range drone that takes decent photos and videos.

It can be controlled via Virtual Joysticks on a tablet or phone and has great flight planning software.

I was able to use the software to plot a  course with waypoints and then just send it off on its way. It would fly it's pre-programmed course and come land where you had told it too!

This was  great as I could plan the course at home in the warmth and then when I would travel to location I wouldn't even need to leave the van ! My ground crew (usually my Dad) would  set the drone up and I would upload the flight plan and off it would go.

Gone Fishing on Parrot Bebop 2

So this is one of my first videos, It was flown with a flight plan shown below.





Flight plan for 'Gone Fishing' video.

Whilst the quality is ok, there is a big improvement in my videos from my DJI Mavic  Pro